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Metro Integrative Pharmacy is locally owned and operated with a dedicated and experienced staff of certified pharmacists and integrative practitioners. We believe that being a local New York City pharmacy means providing the best services to our patrons that are customized to meet their needs.


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Metro Integrative Pharmacy is home to a team of Certified Healthcare Practitioners and Estheticians who are ready to assist and guide our valued customers to maximize their wellness.  Feel free to Book an Appointment with any of our qualified practitioners.


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leadership team


Joe Tawil | founder

Joe grew up in New York City and has been working in pharmacy since he was sixteen years old. He is married with five children. Joe has been involved in the fertility specialty since 1991 and and has a passion for helping hopeful parents build their families.  As a father, Joe values family life and wants to help others experience firsthand the joys of family.  Joe leads Metro and our team in our dedication to being an integral part of that dream for our patients.



liza ramdyal | Store manager

Liza Ramdyal recognized quickly that the traditional retail pharmacy model was far too transactional and quickly sought to join the Metro Integrative Team.  

She had led the retail teams at three different Fortune 500 retailers, working at the store level as well as district management level.  Liza believes that exemplary customer service begins with extraordinary employee satisfaction, and she seeks to build coherent, responsible and autonomous teams in every door she manages.  

Liza is a native New Yorker, growing up and now lives in Queens with her family.

Liza believes strongly in independent retail and is delighted to offer the upper east side community an opportunity to experience retail, as it should be. 



Mark Scovotti, R.Ph. | Director of Pharmacy

Mark grew up working in a pharmacy, from the age of 12 and knew from that early age, he wanted to be a pharmacist.  With over 40 years of professional experience, he has established a comprehensive knowledge of the industry, including spearheading Metro’s specialization in fertility.  Mark is married with five children of his own and values the importance of family.  He considers helping people start their own families as a significant and rewarding part of his career.




Vinny Ognibene | Assistant Director of Pharmacy

Vincenzo has been a pharmacy technician and an asset to Metro since 2001.  He has over 20 years of fertility experience and has been in the drug store business since he was 13 years old.  Vincenzo’s patience and compassion for couples going through fertility is limitless.  As a technician he enjoys the opportunity to work one on one with nurses, doctors and patients to achieve their dream of conceiving a child.



Shazreen Kristona, CPHT | Senior Compounding Technician

As the senior compounding technician at Metro Drugs, Shazreen supervises all compounding production for the company.  Formally trained at PCCA, she has the knowledge to utilize the state of the art equipment at Metro Drugs, and is able to make a wide variety of medication ranging from hormones to veterinary compounds. Working hand in hand with the physicians Shazreen and Metro Drugs can custom tailor any medication in any usage form.



Claudia Yanka | Third Party Specialist & donor coordinator

Claudia has over 15 years of experience with Metro Drugs and is the contact person for insurance questions and needs.  She will work with your nurse and insurance company to provide screening and prior authorizations as needed.  She also works closely with surrogates and donors while maintaining strict anonymity and recipient compliance, following HIPAA compliance. When anyone from the Metro team is out in the field, they consistently hear praise from nurses and patients about Claudia.  She understands how difficult and frustrating the fertility process can be and is there for the patient to make the process easier.